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Computer Center for Visually Impaired People (CCVIP)

One Bernard Baruch Way, Box H-0648 New York, NY 10010-5585
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The 7th Annual Employment and Visual Impairment
Conference on Policy & Practice:
“Your Future Is Now”

Keynote Speaker: Deborah Dagit
Recently Retired Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion at Merck: President, Deb Dagit Diversity LLC

Friday, April 11, 2014

8:30am - 4:15pm
Note: Check-in is from 8:25am to 9:25am

Baruch College Conference Center, 14th Floor
55 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Free admission including Brown Bag lunch and refreshments.

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Sponsored by:
Baruch College Computer Center for Visually Impaired People and School of Public Affairs (SPA);
Hidden City Café;
Interpublic Group
Metropolitan Placement Consortium;
New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB); and
Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates P.C.


Morning Workshops from 10:40am – 11:40am (Pick One)

CLOSED Policy and Practice: “Health and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in NY State”
Target Audiences: General – New Yorkers

Affordable Care is working in New York! This workshop will separate the myths from the realities for New Yorkers of the Affordable Care Act. How it applies to individuals and businesses will be addressed. The Honorable Richard Gottfried, Chair of the Health Committee in the NY State Assembly, will be presenting.

CLOSED Employment: “Business Case for Hiring and Retaining People with Vision Loss”
Target Audiences: Job Seekers, Employers, HR Professionals, Placement Counselors

Employers will present the business advantage for recruiting, hiring, and training people with vision loss and other disabilities. In addition they will share with us what they look for in selecting a person and how they integrate that person into their business team. This is an opportunity to hear about the hiring process from the employer's perspective.

CLOSED Arts, Leisure, & Travel: “Accessible Art in NY”
Target Audience: General

Learn what is happening at museums in New York to make art accessible to people with vision loss and programs for those who would like to paint, draw, and sculpt.

CLOSED Technology: “JAWS 15 & Windows 8 Tablet”
Target Audience: General

In this session, we will look at the introduction of hand gesture support on Windows based tablets using JAWS 15. How well does it work? What you can and cannot expect to do.

CLOSED Services: “Low Vision Evaluations at SUNY University Eye Center”
Target Audience: General

Learn about what makes a low vision evaluation different from a regular eye examination. Find out how visual needs are discussed, how vision is assessed, what extra evaluative techniques are used, and how devices and services are recommended.

Vendor Exhibit from 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Audience: General

Visit, get demos, and use assistive technology products.

Placement Counselors Workshop from 1:10pm –2:10pm
Target Audience: Placement Counselors Only

Afternoon Workshops from 2:40pm – 3:40pm (Pick One)

CLOSED Policy and Practice: “How to Get Around NY”
Target Audience: General

Members of the PASS Coalition will share their experiences in advocating for safe and accessible streets in New York City. Speakers will discuss the process of coalition building and our past successes and future goals.

CLOSED Employment: “Employment Success Stories”
Target Audience: Job Seekers, Employers, HR Professionals, Placement Counselors

This session will feature a panel comprised of blind or visually impaired employees and their placement specialists speaking about the process by which they developed an effective working partnership, the first 90 days on the job, challenges, working relations, and what made it work.

CLOSED Arts, Leisure, & Travel: “Trains, Planes, Boats, and More: The Low Vision Traveler”
Target Audience: General

Learn what you need to think about and do when planning a trip for business or pleasure; what questions to ask yourself and others; where to get assistance; the importance of a travel plan; and some pitfalls to avoid.

CLOSED Technology: “Project RAY: The World's First Smartphone with Advanced Mobile Technology for Intuitive Eye–free Operation”
Target Audience: General

This affordable device features an array of communication, apps and services including calls, email, messaging, contact list, calendar, GPS, advanced WEB remote assistance, voice recorder, panic and emergency services, and more, all with one common touch-and-sound-only interface.
With RAY, the blind and visually impaired enjoy greater independence, spontaneity and accessibility to services that we all take for granted in today's smartphone world.

CLOSED Services: “Meet the Commission”
Target Audience: Job Seekers, Employers, HR Professionals, & Family Members

Have you ever wondered if the Commission would be able to provide a specific service to you? In this session, we will have a panel of NYS Commission for the Blind professionals discuss what services the Commission provides for our community. Bring your questions to the people who can answer them directly.